Stalgast office Warsaw

Stalgast office Warsaw

Location: Warsaw
Area: 1000m2
Year: 2019

Who was the design made for?

An office in the historic Koneser Praga Center complex that was commissioned by Stalgast

Objectives of the interior design project

Office projects in historical buildings require one to adapt the initial concept of the nature of the place. At the same time the Investor’s requirements are still front and center and in this case required both common open spaces and soundproofed individual workstations.

What makes it stand out?

A variety of materials used that create a harmonious whole. In the design of offices in post-industrial buildings, natural brick and concrete are very often exposed, and this solution was also used in the Stalgast office. At the same time, steel was also used, as the company sells, among other things, steel equipment for catering. A good example of this is the original steel counter of the reception desk that was made to order. The project is complemented by glass partitions and felt elements on decorative soundproofing panels. In this project of an office in a historic space, colors which in a subtle way refer to the company’s logo were used as well as natural wood, brick and concrete.

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