Happy Dent dental clinic in Warsaw

Happy Dent dental clinic in Warsaw

Location: Warsaw
Area: 80m2
Year: 2019

Who was the design made for?

For the dentist clinic Happy Dent in Warsaw.

Objectives of the interior design project

The clinic wanted to live up to its name, so the interior could not be grim. Especially taking into account that the founder of the clinic always smiles widely and has a positive approach. She wouldn’t want to spend time in interiors devoid of life and joy, so she wanted an office different than any other.

What makes it stand out?

We managed to translate the mission and the character of the owner into the subtle language of interior design. Positive associations are subtle enough not to overwhelm, while the big, monochromatic spaces allow our eyes to rest. Thanks to profiled doors and stylish parquets, the modern dentist office acquired a style resembling an antique tenement house.

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Hoża 70/18, 00-681 Warszawa
Calle Mar Caspio 58, Meloneras, Las Palmas

+48 607-589-778

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