Stomatology Centre / Warsaw

Stomatology Centre / Warsaw

Location: Warsaw
Area: 80m2
Year: 2015

Who was the design made for?

Stomatology Centre in Warsaw.

Objectives of the interior design project

In the recent years, the high awareness of the owners of dental clinics makes them invest in interior designs that break stereotypes. Kid-friendly rooms, quality design of common areas and joyful colors can completely change both the appearance of a dentist office and the attitude of the patients.

What makes it stand out?

Fairy-tale characters for the kids and a meadow on the wall for the adults: these are the most characteristic elements of the interior design for this dental clinic. The surfaces are easy to clean and meet all the fire protection and sanitary standards, but this does not make them any less attractive.

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Calle Mar Caspio 58, Meloneras, Las Palmas

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