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Home Staging in Spain

If you live abroad and want to buy a property in Spain, we can help you with that.

ļf you have already purchased a property in Spain and want to create a cozy space for yourself with minimal investment, we can help you with that.

Home staging is the process of improving a property’s attractiveness to potential purchasers in order to get it ready for the real estate market.

Are you having trouble renting or selling your apartment? In order to draw in potential tenants or buyers, an apartment must be expertly presented. That’s where We can help; as a knowledgeable apartment stager, WE can make your room into a warm and fashionable setting that appeals to a variety of people.

The house staging procedure includes the following steps:

  • Videoconference meeting
  • The ability to fill out forms online
  • Inventorying on-site or based on the layouts given by the developer
  • Presentation of the visualization of the project (e-mail)
  • A contactless delivery of samples of materials to be used in the project
  • A detailed presentation of the design project on-line and its preliminary costs
  • On-line material shopping

​We meet on-line

Our on-line option is a great way to have your project be underway without ever having to leave your home. The first step is an on-line videoconference meeting. The client then has the opportunity to present his needs and expectations as if he would if the meeting were conducted person-to-person. We send and on-line form thanks to which we have all the information needed to suit our client’s needs. We then move on to discuss the stages of the project.

​Inventorying / 3D drawings

We preform the inventorying or work upon the drawings which are provided by the developer. For us distance is not a problem, we are able to go wherever need to take photos and measurement of the interior in order to later work on the project on-line.

​Visualization Project

We present realistic visualizations and discuss the suggested materials. The investor then is able to picture what the space will look like. The architect then presents his suggestions of furnishings, lighting fixtures, colors which then are discussed. All suggestions are sent via e-mail. Samples of each material are sent directly to the client for this stage to be completed in a contactless way. We can, upon request, organize a meeting at our partners workshops.

​Implementation documentation and material choice

At this stage of online interior design a detailed drawing documentation is created, which forms the basis based upon which all contractors carry out their works. During the videoconference we thoroughly discuss the appearance of all rooms. We determine the details, such as how the furnishings will open, the set-up of each closet, etc. We then create a list of all materials used, calculate the quantities that will be needed and ask our suppliers about the preliminary costs.

In general, the process of home staging include meticulous preparation, close attention to detail, and an emphasis on creating a warm and inviting setting that attracts potential buyers. Sellers may enhance the value of their house and improve their chances of a successful sale by working with a professional home stager.

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