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Project + execution

An interior design project and its efficient execution is a great time saver. We take care of all details such as: the layout of the space, choosing the best materials and purchasing them, and the installation of all needed fixtures and décor.

Project and execution means:

  • Conceptual project
  • Estimates of total cost based on the conceptual project
  • Realistic visualizations, suggestions for the right decor, lighting, colors scheme and materials
  • Implementation documentation – based upon which the project will be executed.
  • Project management and the final execution of the works
  • Authorship supervision on the project

Concept Project

The concept project will be developed based on the on-site verifications and measurements taken. If the premises/ apartment/ home doesn’t have plasterwork, the project will be developed based upon the architectural documentation. During the meeting all expectations will be thoroughly discussed. We analyze the form filled out by the client, which includes questions on the function of the interiors and their furnishings. We then present at least two 2D concept projects. All further details are then discussed and we answer any questions the client may have about any solutions which were implemented and we choose the best project that meets your needs. During this process we begin discussing the estimated costs of the project.

Visual Project

Development of the project. This stage allows one to truly imagine what the finished project will look like. We then choose the furnishings, lighting fixtures, colors and materials which will be used. From the beginning we will be taking into consideration such things as the atmosphere which we will want to be reflected in the finished interiors. The atmosphere is heavily influenced by the solutions chosen for the project which the client will be able to see in the visual form of the project.

​Implementation Documentations and the selection of materials

During this stage the detailed pictorial documentation of the project is developed, which will be the base upon which the actual works will be carried out. During our meeting we will discuss all details such as: how the furnishings will open, what accessories will be used etc. All materials which are to be used will be described in detail, as will be the quantity needed and its costs.

Project Execution from Beginning to End

We are one of the few studios which offers complete project execution in answer to our clients demands. After finishing the conceptual part of the project and picking out the materials which are to be used we present a timetable of all the works needed to be done in the execution of the project. All estimated cost sheets are prepared by the contractors, with whom we have collaborated with for years. The information provided by both the architect and our contactors allows us to make the best decisions which materials will be the best for the project. We take care of the ordering process in person in order for all the materials to arrive at the exact time they are needed. When all the works are being done we are in regular contact with all possible contractors. We then also take care of making sure that the works are being done correctly and on time.

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