Vet Expert oficina

Vet Expert oficina

Localización: Warszawa
Superficie: 106m2
Año: 2019

Who was the design made for?

The interior of the company headquarters was created for Vet Expert a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for animals

Objectives of the interior design project

The headquarters of the rapidly growing company focused on animal welfare had not previously communicated this. The project was supposed to add an innovational aspect and emphasize the character of the business.

What makes it stand out?

Plant and animal motifs in the design of the company’s headquarters leave no doubt as to the industry in which Vet Expert operates. Conference rooms are spacious, and thanks to pastel armchairs and wallpaper coloring a cozy atmosphere has been created in all common areas.

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Hoża 70/18, 00-681 Warszawa
Calle Mar Caspio 58, Meloneras, Las Palmas

+48 607-589-778

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