We design medical and healthcare spaces

dental clinics, medical offices, gynecological centers, cardiology units, physiotherapy studios, aesthetic medicine clinics, dermatology offices, day hospitals, ophthalmology clinics, veterinary offices, Pilates studios, osteopathy clinics, pediatric centers, urology offices, primary care facilities, clinics, beauty salons, or spa design.

We design medical and healthcare spaces
MADAMA oferta medyczna

We pride ourselves on meeting the most stringent healthcare standards in the industry.

Designing medical facilities involves more than just creative concepts; it is fundamentally about adhering to stringent health, safety, and fire safety regulations.

We prepare comprehensive industry-specific designs that include ventilation systems, air conditioning, all necessary utilities, and specialized equipment tailored to each practice’s needs.

Throughout the design process, we always keep in mind how the interior will be perceived by clients on a daily basis.

Our offer

We provide flexibility in choosing our services, adapting to the needs and preferences of our clients

  • 01

    The search for a premises

  • 02

    Technical inspection of the premises

  • 03

    Interior design project

  • 04

    Technological Project with Sanitary-Epidemiological Agreements

  • 05

    Branch-specific execution projects

  • 06

    Fit-out services


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