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Projekt i wykończenie apartamentu

Project + realization of apartment / Warsaw

Who was the design made for?

The interior design was carried out for the owner of an apartment in the Mokotów district in Warsaw.

Objectives of the interior design project

During the concept stage, the Investor does not always know the final use of the apartment. If they are planning to rent or sell the apartment in the future, then its design and finish has to be adequately universal.

What makes it stand out?

An interesting aspect of this collaboration was that Madama carried out both the design and the finishing works of the interior, which meant selecting and supervising the crews and managing the final acceptance protocols. We offer this solution to our Customers as one of very few design studios in the market. The investor did not have to worry about finding the crew or meeting the deadlines − they entrusted the entire process to us. Such things may be extremely important in case of luxurious finishing materials, where every detail counts, and also in case of materials such as marble, crystals and stone. The solution is also valuable for the designer, because we can be confident that all the materials and solutions are implemented exactly in line with our concept. It facilitated the process of author’s supervision, and as a result, ensured good effects that were accepted by the Investor.

Localization: Warszawa Area: 112 m² Year: 2016

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