Lush Life aesthetic medical offices

Lush Life aesthetic medical offices

Location: Turek
Area: 80m2
Year: 2019

Who was the design made for?

The interior design of a gym and aesthetic medical offices was created for Lush Life in Turek near Poznań.

Objectives of the interior design project

The combination of gyms, fitness rooms and beauty salons forces a creative approach to interior design. Fitness clubs and beauty salons are visited mainly by women, so it was necessary to break away from austere aesthetics, which are usually typical for the interior design of gyms.

What makes it stand out?

A combination of interiors with specific functions (designs of gyms and locker rooms) and inviting, representative spaces such as the reception or treatment rooms. In places where the form had to adhere to its function, we managed to smuggle in colors thanks to sapphire lighting, which delineates the gym area and separates it from the cardio section.

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