Villa Sonnenland Spain

Villa Sonnenland Spain

Location: Gran Canaria
Area: 350m2
Year: 2023

Who was the design made for?

The interior design project of the house in Spain was based on harmony with the surrounding environment. For the sunny villa, we chose materials that perfectly complement the sunlight and shapes that resemble the gentle lines of Spanish architecture.

Objectives of the interior design project

We opt for materials that naturally reflect light, such as polished terracotta tiles, light ceramics, or lightly stained wood, to maintain a sun-soaked atmosphere within the villa’s interiors.

What makes it stand out?

Our designs combine functionality and harmony with the surroundings, creating the perfect place for living and relaxation.

Through the eyes of a designer

Our interior design projects for apartments and houses in Spain combine light-reflecting materials with rounded forms, creating spaces full of sunlight and the warmth of the Spanish climate.

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