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Cardiology Institute Foundation

Who was the design made for?

For the Cardiology Institute Foundation in Anin.

Objectives of the interior design project

Former interiors of Polish medical facilities used to be depressing for patients. The Management of the Cardiology Institute Foundation in Anin ordered an interior design for a medical space second to none.

What makes it stand out?

Designer furniture and floral motifs on the walls are not typically associated with a traditional design of medical space in Poland. The interiors of the Cardiology Institute Foundation prove that it pays off to take the risk and transform a sad interior of a hospital or an outpatient clinic. When we are under the weather, it makes us feel better to look at the image of a forest or flowers on the wall; and it’s not just interior design but medicine and psychology that confirms the favorable influence of strolling through woods and meadows on our mood and blood pressure.

Localization: Warszawa Area: 130 m² Year: 2017

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