Beauty clinic

Beauty clinic

Location: Warsaw
Area: 200m2
Year: 2020

Who was the design made for?

For the aesthetic medicine clinic.

Objectives of the interior design project

Both for the designer and the Investor, refreshing the image of the beauty salon was essential. The project was to be based on the latest trends and make the place more inviting

What makes it stand out?

The combination of pastels and natural materials is not common, but here these two elements complemented each other perfectly. The overall design follows the trend of returning to nature and ecology, which has been dominating trends for several years and shows no sign of disappearing. The subdued, fairy-tale colors help to create a calming atmosphere, which must be one of the main objectives in the interior design project for a beauty salon.

Through the eyes of a designer

In the design of this beauty salon, I used, among other things, wicker. The interior gained lightness and a somewhat vacation-like character.

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