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Apartment for rent design

Who was the design made for?

For the Investor who ordered interior design for an apartment for rent, to make it stand out and be noticed by exigent tenants.

Objectives of the interior design project

The rental market is quite full of simplistic apartments designed without much character. From the point of view of the Investor it makes sense, because it’s impossible to anticipate the expectations of the potential tenants. Nonetheless, many people want to rent a flat that will resonate with their personality, especially taking into account that a rented apartment cannot be arranged freely.

What makes it stand out?

After talking to the Investor, we prepared a design of an apartment for rent that would have some character. Bright colors and high-quality home appliances will surely be appreciated by everyone. However, the accessories were chosen in accordance with the expectations of exigent people looking for something interesting in the villa district of Warsaw.

Localization: Warszawa Area: 70 m² Year: 2017

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