Apart Hotel Kraków

Apart Hotel Kraków

Location: Kraków
Area: 250m2
Year: 2020

Who was the design made for?

On behalf of the owner of an aparthotel in Krakow.

Objectives of the interior design project

An aparthotel offers comfortable rooms akin to those in a hotel but within a smaller-scale facility (at most a few dozen rooms, sometimes just one), often with shared bathrooms and kitchens. Hence, the impression of luxury and comfort needs to be combined with practical solutions.

What makes it stand out?

Many people choose aparthotels precisely because they prefer surprises over predictable hotel interiors. In the interior design of an aparthotel, one can afford much more, and the cost of materials doesn’t play as significant a role, as seen, for example, in the stone sink or golden fixtures. Designing the interior of an aparthotel is a demanding task because the property must appeal to investors while also being easy to maintain and attracting guests

Through the eyes of a designer

For most people, an aparthotel is a “home away from home,” which is why I opted for relaxing greenery, plenty of light, and a cozy atmosphere. The furnishings and fittings are simple, universal backgrounds, while the original accents, such as star-shaped tiles in the kitchenette or gold fixtures, make an impression.

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