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Hotel interior design projects

Madama’s founder has worked, among others, on designing about 200 hotel rooms for a lodging complex located in Berlin, Madrid, Las Palmas. Working on these type of projects nowadays gives freedom in designing interiors for businesses, both on the scale of individual offices or premises, as well as larger investments. Our expertise and knowledge of the character of work needed to design spaces and their practical legal requirements gives us ease in selecting the best solutions for each space.

Our interior design services are tailored to your specific requirements and financial constraints. We work hard to produce outstanding design solutions that surpass your needs and leave an enduring impact on your visitors. Whether you run a hotel, a cottage, or a rental apartment, our staff has the knowledge and experience to design a place that satisfies your particular requirements.

Our services include:

Concept Development: We will develop a distinctive, individualized interior design idea that reflects your brand identity and satisfies your practical needs.
Space Planning: We’ll organize your area to maximize usefulness and efficiency while fostering a welcoming and comfortable environment for your visitors.
Furniture and Finishes Selection: To improve your interior design and provide a unified look, we will choose the suitable furniture and finishes.
Lighting Design: We’ll come up with a lighting scheme that accentuates your space’s best qualities and improves the ambience.
Project Management: To ensure a smooth and successful project completion, we will manage all aspect of the design process, including the purchase, installation, and project supervision ( Spain, Canary Island,Poland)

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